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Donna Marie O'Neill

Website &
Social Media Manager

Donna Marie O’Neill, a devoted resident of Shannon throughout her life, has firmly established herself and her family in the heart of this close-knit community. She is unwavering in her commitment to the betterment of Shannon, actively contributing to school committees and leading various fundraising initiatives for local club as well as taking on integral roles within numerous sports organizations.


In her professional journey within the aviation sector in Shannon, Donna Marie has made an indelible mark by playing a pivotal role in founding the Women In Aviation Mid-West Region Group.


Through her work, she has effectively shone a spotlight on Shannon and the surrounding areas, highlighting their significance within the aviation industry. This dedication to her hometown and its residents has been a lifelong pursuit, as she consistently strives to leave a lasting, positive impact on the community she holds dear.


Donna Marie O'Neill

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