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Completion of Shannon Slí na Sláinte Project

“Residents are invited to explore this 2km sign posted walking route in Shannon, contributing to a healthier and more vibrant town for generations to come. Lace up your runners, step outside, and join us on the path to a heart-healthy future!” - Denis Bates, Slí na Sláinte Co-ordinator
Completion of Shannon Slí na Sláinte Project

Press Release from Shannon Slí na Sláinte Co-ordinator, Denis Bates

We are delighted to announce the completion of the Shannon Slí na Sláinte project which will be inaugurated this weekend with a walk on Sunday, April 28th. At 12 noon from the start of the route beside the fire station

Slí na Sláinte (The Path to Health) are a project of the Irish Heart Foundation (IHF) and are found throughout Ireland. IHF encourage people to walk the Slí routes as part of a regular exercise regime to encourage fitness and heart health.

The Shannon Slí is a 2km route around The Town Centre block. Starting at the fire station, it travels around the town park and shopping centre, returning to the start. It follows the footpath with regular signage to keep you on the route. Being a public footpath it is well lit so the Slí can be walked by day or night as the walker prefers. You can walk the Slí at any time and at your own pace. You can walk laps of the Slí to achieve longer distances; 5 laps will give you 10K.

The Shannon Slí is the result of a local community initiative which fundraised to contribute to the overall cost. IHF were very helpful in designing and developing the route. Clare County Council gave great support in preparing the footpaths and installing the Slí signage.

Shannon Slí na Sláinte is part of a dynamic suite of activities for anyone who wants to maintain and develop their fitness. Shannon now has a Couch to 5K programme, the Slí, the weekly parkrun and parkwalk at Illaummanagh. Recently, the athletics track has been restored and reopened for a wide range of athletics training and competition events. There’s plenty of other sport and fitness activities in the community as well.

Special thanks to the Irish Heart Foundation, Clare County Council, the Love Shannon group (now Shannon Community Partnership), and the local volunteers who have worked together to make this happen.


Press Release from Shannon Municipal District


Shannon MD has completed the Slí na Sláinte route in Shannon town with directional signage erected throughout the route.  The attractive, brightly coloured signage will encourage people to incorporate more walking into their lifestyles. Developed in conjunction with the Irish Heart Foundation, the route encourages people to walk the recommended 30 minutes a day on a regular basis.  There are currently over 230 community Slí na Sláinte routes nationally.

Cathaoirleach Donna McGettigan said “Today marks a significant step towards promoting heart health in our urban community with the launch of a pioneering 2km walking route at this ideal, central location in the heart of Shannon town. The initiative which is a collaborative effort between Slí na Sláinte Co-ordinators, Shannon Municipal District and the Irish Heart Foundation, aims to encourage physical activity and improve cardiovascular well-being among the community”.

The newly unveiled walking route is a circular walk running along the outskirts of Shannon Town Park and town centre area providing an attractive and accessible path for individuals of all fitness levels. Designed with the community's health in mind, the route will incorporate green spaces and scenic views by connecting in with the existing walkways and trails leading to the Estuary, creating an inviting environment for walkers. Additional promotional signage will be put in place in this regard.

Research consistently highlights the positive impact of regular walking on heart health, and this initiative aligns with efforts to combat sedentary lifestyles. By integrating physical activity into daily routines, the community can take a proactive approach to preventing heart-related issues.

Alan Farrell Director of Services commented that “This Slí na Sláinte walking route is an important step towards fostering a heart-healthy community. The project emphasises the importance of accessible urban spaces for promoting overall well-being which is a key component of the Shannon Town Masterplan”.

Denis Bates, Slí na Sláinte Co-ordinator stated “Residents are invited to explore this 2km sign posted walking route in Shannon, contributing to a healthier and more vibrant town for generations to come. Lace up your runners, step outside, and join us on the path to a heart-healthy future!”


Find out more about the Slí na Sláinte initiative via Clare County Council's website or via the Irish Heart Foundation's website.

You can listen to Denis talk about Slí na Sláinte in the below excerpt from Clare FM's Morning Focus, hosted by Alan Morrissey.

Denis Bates &
Clare County Council

28 April 2024

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