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Successful Launch of Shannon Community Partnership

Coming together for a vibrant & progressive town
Successful Launch of Shannon Community Partnership

Photo Credits: Joe Buckley

Shannon's newest community development group, Shannon Community Partnership, held their launch on Tuesday the 28th of Novemeber 2023 at 7:30pm in Treacys Oakwood Hotel.

The board has nine members currently (pictured above); David Brown, Derek Clune, Donna Marie O'Neill, Sam Stephen Nick Condon, Siobhán Boyd, Joanne Begley, Sue Corcoran and Geraldine Lambert. An experienced group of people who have spent several months organising themselves to bring forth a robust structure to enable the people of Shannon to collaborate and communicate effectively.

During the launch, we saw collaboration and communication pushed to the forefront as each table discussed what they hoped to see in Shannon's future. There were around 100 attendees and a great deal to discuss as the mic was passed from table-to-table before events wrapped up for the night.

We also got a glimpse of the group's website, which will be added to over the coming months and eventually showcased properly in early 2024.

Shannon Community Partnership

28 November 2023

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