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Our Brand Story

Shannon (town) is the focus of Shannon Community Partnership, it is first and foremost. Shannon is a vibrant town, inclusive, engaged, progressive and a great place to live. Shannon must differentiate itself from the Airport and Industrial Estate.


The rationale behind our logo centres on Shannon as a specific and significant location. During the design process, the capital letter ‘S’ in Shannon stood out as its natural flow is reminiscent of the flow of water in the Estuary.

During our Brand Workshop, we selected 6 key words that express our brand personality


The dialogue that happens within Shannon Community Partnership and between us, and all external stakeholders, became the most important building block of the symbol. The symbol is multifaceted because Shannon Community Partnership is comprised of many individuals drawn together to create something special.

"Engagement & inclusivity can only happen through collaboration & communication"

Hidden elements within our Symbol

SCP Brand Quotes.png

A closer look inside our symbol reveals two quotation marks denoting dialogue – conversation & communication – a key tenet of Shannon Community Partnership.

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