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Geraldine Lambert

Support Officer

Residing in Shannon for over five decades, Geraldine has witnessed the town's evolution first-hand. Her journey includes a tenure as a former member of the Shannon Town Commissioners, later transitioning to the Shannon Town Council. She brings to the table a wealth of experience in facilitating and managing the formation and continual growth of community groups and not-for-profit organisations.

Throughout her career, she has also served as a Director on various boards, gaining insights into the workings of diverse sectors. Geraldine's belief in Shannon's untapped potential as the second County town is unwavering. She sees immense opportunities for development and growth, and she firmly advocates for cooperation among statutory, community, voluntary, and business organisations. She believes that by working collaboratively, we can unlock the town's latent potential and ensure its future as a thriving, dynamic community.


Geraldine's dedication to this vision drives her commitment to the Shannon Town Partnership and the pursuit of progress through united efforts.

Geraldine Lambert

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