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Linanne Counselling Services

I work with a wide variety of clients. I can offer services to those over the age of 13 in relation to stress and anxiety, family issues, bereavement, sexual identity and relationship issues. I work with individuals mainly and family combinations, such as parents and children or couples where necessary.

I am trained as an integrative psychotherapist, and am person centered in my approach, which means I put the needs of the client at the center of the treatment plan. I will always discuss what the client hopes to achieve because I believe that if a client is committed and open to the process of psychotherapy then it will be successful for them.

I offer services in an open and always non-judgmental manner. I am empathetic to the needs of my clients and am always ready to support my clients on their personal journey. I am always honest and will discuss difficulties and challenges always striving to help my clients to find solutions to their presenting issues.

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