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Launch of New Monthly Podcast: EXTRAordinary Women

An exciting new podcast about women across a variety of industries and walks of life. The first episode features Leona O’Shea owner of Fierce Fitness.
Launch of New Monthly Podcast: EXTRAordinary Women

This is a podcast about women across a variety of industries and walks of life, who have done something unique, challenging or brave in their lives. The goal of this podcast is to inspire women who might think that they’re ‘just ordinary’ to see what other ‘ordinary’  everyday women did, and how they did it.

It's a way to encourage women to examine their limiting beliefs, and find encouragement, hope, motivation and inspiration from other women, who are, in many ways, just like them.

There will be a monthly episode from here on in with women from across the globe and a nice sprinkling of women from Shannon too! You can find all links to view or listen to the podcast in our directory.


About the Presenter: Denise O'Brien

Denise founded O’Brien Learning Solutions in 2016. Prior to that Denise spent almost 20 years working solely with renowned multi-nationals and Fortune 500 companies, such as General Electric, Wipro Ireland, Lloyds Banking Group, Halifax Bank and St. Andrew’s Group.

Denise formed O’Brien Learning Solutions primarily to support organisations and people who want to excel, particularly during periods of change.  Denise is a native of Shannon, Co. Clare and is the proud mother to her adult daughter Eva. In her spare time, Denise has a curiosity and a fascination with human behaviour, and for continuous learning and self-improvement. Denise understands the human impact of change on teams, individuals and organisations as a whole.  The business therefore is focused on helping individuals and organisations to thrive, especially during times of change.d a fascination with human behaviour, and for continuous learning and self-improv

ement. Denise

About Denise's 1st Guest: Leona O'Shea

Our first episode is with Leona O’Shea, owner of Fierce Fitness. Leona is a fully qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor with qualifications in nutrition as well.

Her journey in the fitness industry began in 2017 when she completed her PT course in Galway with Image Fitness. Since then, she has been actively involved in the industry, working both independently and for various gyms. Leona served as the manager of SKB for four years before transitioning to full-time self-employment. She caters to a diverse range of clients, offering 1-1 sessions, group classes, coaching GAA teams, and assisting online clients. Leona’s primary objective in the fitness industry is to assist individuals in achieving their goals, fostering comfort in the gym environment, and imparting knowledge and understanding of fitness routines.


Denise O'Brien

19 February 2024

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