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Shannon Community Partnership - Digital Newcomer Finalist!

Shannon Community Partnership selected as a Finalist for the Digital Newcomer Category in the .ie Digital Town Awards 2024
Shannon Community Partnership - Digital Newcomer Finalist!

.ie Digital Town Awards

We are delighted to announce that we have been selected as a finalist in the Digital Newcomer category for the .ie Digital Town Awards 2024! It has only been four months since our launch night on the 28th of Novemeber last year where we first showcased our website. At that time, it was just a simple homepage created to show off our new branding and our core values. Since then we've been slowly adding features to the site that the community were asking for.

If we can acheive all this as a small team in a matter of months, just imagine what we can accomplish as a fully unified community throughout the rest of 2024 and beyond. We already have a list of other additions that we wish to make to the site and I'm sure we are still missing many events from our calendars, and many groups & busineses from our directory. If you have something to add, please reach out to us here to have your organisation added or here to get your event(s) listed.

We'd like to thank the Judging Panel from the .ie Digital Town Awards for choosing us as a finalist and we look forward attending the Gala Awards Ceremony which will be held in Athlone on the 24th of May.

We'd also like to congratulate Future Mobility Campus Ireland for their selection as a finalist in the Digital Business category and look forward to seeing them at the ceremony.

Lastly, we'd like to acknowledge the support that we've received from the community, who we have been engaging with regularly to make our website the go-to place for all information about Shannon: from events & services, to groups & businesses. The development of such a robust and inclusive website is not possible without proper communication and feedback from the people of Shannon; and for that, we thank you.

A full list of the finalists for all categories can be found on their website.

Shannon Community Partnership

8 April 2024

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